What if God Empties Your Wallet?

What if God empties your wallet? What if opening your wallet makes you cry and irritated?
Are you going to be happy? Or are you going to blame God and be mad at people around you?
How will you respond when testings like this comes your way?
Let me share to you one of the many testings I have. It’s about this trouble financially.
For two days I’m experiencing this emptieness of wallet syndrome..it’s making me crazy and irritated most of the time. (this happens to me when I don’t have money) I have spent my allowance and some of my savings because I am thinking that I have a cash that will be coming this week. But unfortunately it’s not here yet. Imagine I’m on the edge, and still have some things to pay.
I  felt irritated and questioned God if He is really good and faithful. I believe that I have given what’s due to Him so I supposed He will give it back to me.
I can’t really understand. But thinking about it over and over again, I know God wants me to learn something from this. I know sometimes even if I deny it I am enslaved by money and honestly if you open my mind, I always think about selfish things when I have money; like I can travel, buy this stuff and boastfulness comes to my mind.
Oh! How ridiculous and proud  I am!
But God’s grace is so amazing teaching a stubborn girl like me many things.
So, the question what if God empties your wallet is now a lesson learned for me.
God empties my wallet so I can see how selfish and proud I am having it full and going my own way.
God empties my wallet so I can be full with His presence..so I can rely and put my security in Him and not on my finances.
God empties my wallet because He doesn’t want me to rejoice getting wordly things but delighting myself on eternal things and be full of Him alone.
Indeed in all of these He is good and I am loved.


You have made known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11

This journal was a lesson learned and written last July 16..and God had been faithful and I learned to trust Him since then..

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