How do you react?

It was a busy week. A lot of paper works and schedules to do; attended seminars, workshops and trainings. I love being busy! Haha!

So, this time I want to share something I’ve learned this week during my busy schedules.

Sometimes, I almost complain to the load of works I have accompanied by some difficult people along the way. (There are some or maybe many? Haha!) Plus the washing machine that is not working; the door knob being wrecked! And a lot of more stuff that is not working properly! But, I think instead of complaining, I need to see how to handle these situations differently.

I came up answering another question. How do you react? How do you respond to these special circumstances (I think they are special; one of a kind events in life. :D) It comes with uncontrollable situations; having irritable people; complaining; deadlines to meet and even waiting for something or someone.

There was a time last week, where my sister called and shared a problem. I want to help her solve it right away (you know, that’s what older siblings do I think: I want to be the problem solver!) because I don’t like her being worried. Of course its not that easy. I am away from home and the solution cannot come right away. So, how will I respond? I took a deep breath, pause for a while and prayed. Atleast at that moment that is the best thing I can do.

One more scenario, is the deadlines I need to do, regardless of the trainings I needed to attend. It’s not an excuse for me not to meet deadlines. I really need to complete it all! I wanted to scream! But, screaming cannot solve the matter. (I know! 😐)

There are a lot of situations like this. I cannot even share it all. So, I think in every experience we had or experiences we go through we really need to choose how to react or respond to it.

Thomas Monson said:

So much in life depends on our attitude. The way we choose to see things and respond to other makes all the difference.

It is our choice! Whether we give in to the circumstances and let it destroy our mood and relationship or we choose to pick a good choice everyday. It’s in our hands. I hope we can always respond appropriately.

I was reminded of this wonderful verse in 1Thessalonians, that whenever I had this choice to make I need to learn how to give thanks no matter what.

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