Made for more

Where do you go when your life runs out? When you’re empty? When there’s nothing left?

Sometimes we get tired of the mundane. Feels hopeless, alone and afraid.

I felt the same. But see! I believe we are made for more! We felt these things because there’s something in us that wanted to do so much more! There is something more than the ordinary life that we’re living for.

Being a teacher sometimes is tiring and it’s just like a cycle. This is my ordinary life. I do my stuff like preparing my lessons, teaching kids, attending meetings. I feel bored doing the same things every day. I felt hopeless if changing the lives and attitudes of these kids is possible. But, if I will always see the same stuff as boring and no hope, indeed it will.

So, I’m trying to change my perspective. This time, I try to see things positively. And try to make every day an opportunity to do better. To serve and maybe to be a blessing to others. For instance, during my vacant times I try to listen to my kid’s stories, they have a lot of things to say..atleast it removes the tension in class. And if I had a friend who wants to talk to me, I think just listening to them is a great help. Sending encouraging messages to friends or family member is helpful too. Especially now a days, we can use social media in a positive way. To eradicate the negative impression on social media we can use this as a tool to inspire someone.

Instead of wasting my time in watching movies that sometimes lead me to worldly thoughts and behaviors I shift to reading books, especially motivational books that will help me grow as a person. There are many available free e-books online, we don’t even need to buy them. It’s free! Thanks God to internet!

Writing journals. It is indeed helpful. Believe me! I did it and it encourage me many times. Especially when I feel discourage, when I reread my journals I felt thankful and realize I’m so blessed that I overcame many tests.

Doing arts and crafts! Many DIY stuff are available on the web, it can enhance our creativity and maybe we can do it as a gift and a hobby that can lead to making money as well.

Travel! Go hiking! This is what I love! Especially when our days had been so busy. Doing outdoor can be a lot of help. I love what John Muir said,

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, when nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”

Travelling helps us connect to nature; to appreciate God’s beautiful creation and to people as well.

I think in today’s world, instead of being bored in life, feeling hopeless and lonely. Let’s try to engage in fun and creative stuffs! Speak out, stand out! Be an encourager! When we do that, we can be encourage as well.

We are indeed made for more! If you think you’re not. Look up to the cross! He died for you because Jesus wants you to live a free life! He even said in John 10:10,

I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly!

So in our mundane we can make a difference and we can give hope. Let’s choose to live our best!



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