A book called Anything

(Today, I finished reading one of this inspirational book that turned my life upside down. I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts about it.)

Anything by Jennie Allen

Started reading this book two months ago, along the way I stopped because of busyness and maybe not really giving time. But every time I go back to read, again and again it made me cry. Cry because I was swept away by the challenges this book and this author is saying.

How is it to live a life of surrender? A time in your life when God asked you to give everything? Are you ready to give that anything to Him?

My heart breaks! Really! I don’t know if I can do it. This becomes a mirror to me, it reflects that I’m too selfish and so busy about my own things. It broke me, indeed!

Although, I heard this truth about serving and loving God over and over again but just like Jennie told in her book “Many of us have sat in Bible studies or retreats or church talking about what we want to change and how we want to change and how we want to live for God, only to go home and back to the routine of life. “

Exactly me! Honestly, it is impossible to do it on my own. A surrendered life is not easy! I’m thinking, If God asks me anything, I am just so scared if he does. What if He ask me to give up my career? My family? And all those that I love to do? I don’t know if I can take it. That is why this is life changing! A choice I need to do. Not because I have read this book; but this helps really! Not because people are doing and even dying doing it. The thing is, I need to really be motivated! Be driven with my love for Jesus.

It is only by Jesus. If I look at the cross how He carried my burden, my shame and all of my sins I see the love He has for me. It is filling my empty, selfish, bitter and hard heart. It’s filling me more and more each day. Will I let it overflow?

That is the challenge I am facing right now, will I let His love for me overflow that it can touch maybe or even at least one life? Or will I keep silent and enjoy Him on my own?

He who did not spare His son for me gave everything how can I not do the same?

Now, I don’t know if I will be taking that challenge. If I will pray the prayer of anything. But one thing I know now, I want to live the life God wants me to have, because I now understand the reason why He came into this world, because He loves all people, and for me as a recipient of that love, He wants me to share that to others. I think I am exactly where He wanted me to be and that He wants me to have that heart of obedience to that anything He asks me.

This is an ongoing obedience to the Lord, I am on progress…I sometimes fail, I know I will! But by His grace I can run this journey of obedience and courage together with Jennie and to all those great people who responded to give their anything to the master.

This is indeed a great book! A must read for those people who are eager to know what it means to live a surrendered life!



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