When You Come to Realize What Matters Most

As I listen to my play list today, there are words and revelations I am beginning to realize. And so I grabbed my pen and begin writing.

Sharing my journal about how God reveals himself as a loving, merciful Father to me.

August 5, 2017

Saturday, 5:30 PM

I believe you are God my Father, a father who accepts me as I am, a loving father that forgives my sins and loves me unconditionally. I can’t imagine what my life will be if I am not found by you.

The time and moments that I am away from you are empty, I thought it is a happy time. I have someone beside me, I have the things I need, I feel I am complete with those people that love and cares for me but when they left me when the things I have can’t keep me happy I am wrecked and broken and empty. My heart searches for the right thing to do and then you came pursuing my heart again.

I am afraid because I felt guilty about the things I’ve done, but you kept walking beside me and showing me the right way and making me see that it’s only with you that I am complete! That I am loved and contented. And so, I gave my heart to you again and my life was never the same again.

You made me see that there is so much more to life than people than possessions than achievements. These are all dust in the wind because at the end of the day it’s what waiting in eternity that matters. And I found that in you, my Heavenly Father.

And right now my soul is clinging in your words, every promise, every plan, every opportunity is coming on the way, at the right time, in the right place, it will all fall into what you designed it to be!

So, here in your presence Father, I surrender, everything. My plans, my desires, my heart. I know I will always mess up! But I thank you that I’m a mess because that is where I experience your mercy and grace.

What matters most now is your presence in my life Heavenly Father, it is where I want to be the rest of my life. Because in you I found contentment and joy and peace that is unexplainable.

How about you? What matters most to you right now? I would love to hear it out?



A Battle

There is a battle raging inside of me. A battle sometimes I cannot comprehend, a battle of good and evil! Who’s gonna win? 

I want good to win but discouragement sometimes weighs more that doing the right thing?

Have you ever experienced that? Trying to be good and loving? But because of unexplainable situations even if you try so hard to make it be good, evil wins?

And you give up?!

But as this battle rages in my head, I can still hear a little small voice, a voice from the Supernatural telling me not to try so hard, it is not only me that fights in it but He is the warrior that’s backing me up. He knows what I feel. He feels I am tired trying. Tired fighting.

He asked if He could take charge of it. I was a bit hard headed and doubt. But as I look at His eyes, the eyes of love, the eyes of hope. That sparkling eyes that assure me it is okay. I give in, I gave my sword and let Him fight for me.

When my eyes are open and focused on Him, looking at Him fighting the battle with me, we are winning. But when I close my eyes and is distracted I am being lost.

Battles are won when we are with the great warrior. When we look at Him and trust Him that He will.

I am God’s Princess warrior and in Him, the battles raging in me will be won. No matter how evil it is, no matter I thought its hard. It will always be won, always be won!