Rekindling a Dead Dream

I used to have a lot of dreams even when I was small. Like, the simple dream of a young girl to have a beautiful doll house and many dolls. And, it’s a dream come true when one time my mom bought it for me as a gift.

Then, I grew bigger and my dreams of having all the beautiful toys in the world faded and had changed into dreams that are more focused about my future, like to finish my college degree, pass my board exam and have a good job. Along the way I dreamed to travel around the world and visit beautiful places. I also dreamed to have my own family, to be married and have kids. Then, came dreams that are more meaningful for me, like, volunteering to help people in need. And, looking back, I have failed in some areas, but I am thankful that I fulfilled most of them.

Suddenly, I became so contented with my life and the busyness of my schedule had stopped me from dreaming. I almost forget what my dreams are and even forget to dream anymore. Maybe because at some point in my life I let my dreams be burried under discouragement, past mistakes and failures. Reflecting on this, I  felt that I am missing my life. I became so satisfied with the ordinary and with the things I have now.

Thinking about my dead dreams, I came to read an article from one of my favorite speaker Joel Osteen. He said,

It’s never too late to rekindle your passions and dreams. Life often wears you down to forget to be happy about your existence. The best thing to do to prevent yourself from wearing down to mediocre person is to trust in Jesus our Lord and Savior. Dreams never die unless you die. As long as you’re breathing and as long as you still have it, it’s never too late.

So, today, I am choosing to rekindle my dead dreams. I want to dream higher and bigger and dream more! Not to settle for less but for the best. I remember one of my favorite verses in Jeremiah 29:11 that God has a plan for me. To prosper me and not to harm me. To give me hope and a future. I will keep that in my heart and make my dreams alive once more.