More than Makeup, Jewelries and Choosing an Outfit

(Taken from my new Women’s Devotional Bible; applied it using my own experiences.)

Like many women, each morning I wake up, pour myself a cup of hot chocolate (because now I don’t drink coffee :)), take a shower and then get ready to meet the world. I pick out an outfit (since I don’t have uniform yet), do my hair and put some powder and lipstick. Finally, I add my favorite jewelry. Voila! I think I’m ready to meet the day.

The care involved in my routines always begs these questions: How much time do I spend getting ready spiritually each morning? Do I ask God to guide me during my day? Do I intentionally read the scriptures, meditate or pray so that I can be more patient, kind and loving with all the people I deal with the rest of the day? Especially that I’m a teacher, I really needed much patient to deal with my students, who have different behaviors and attitudes. Sometimes, I am more conscious on my time because I am more worried of getting late since I travel an hour before reaching my workplace.

We all hear this phrase: Caring for our outward appearance is not wrong…as long as we don’t neglect focusing on our inner thoughts and attitudes too. In Jeremiah 2:32, Jeremiah noted that women are unlikely to forget their accessories, but we are prone of forgetting God. In the midst of our busy lives, God often gets pushed to the bottom of our-to-do-list. But if we just know the truth, that spiritual growth happens from the inside out.

Hope we can try this: Tomorrow as we shower, let us praise God for the cleansing that Jesus’ forgiveness provides. As we’re getting dressed, thank God for clothing us with Christ’s righteousness. When we pour on our moisturizer, ask God to soften our hearts to His leading throughout the day. As we put on our makeup, thank Him for being the foundation of our lives. For those wearing glasses or contacts (like me👀) let us ask God to give us eyes to see his workings in the world. And as we put on our earrings, thank Him for beautifying our lives with the fruits of the spirit.

Who knows? After talking to God throughout the morning, we might not even need hot chocolate nor caffeine!